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100-word synopsis of the project

Sea Voice Inc. develop equipment to expand the capabilities of hundreds of millions of people in the water space of the planet. We make unique full-face masks for snorkeling with a periscope and possible connection of an air-tank. We make two-way radios for swimmers, athletes, tourists, and rescuers. We make glasses with suckers for almost any masks. We develop automatic belts of controlled buoyancy and electric underwater tows with attachment to a body of a swimmer. With our equipment, the possibilities of movement, communication, the spatial orientation of swimmers reach the level of natural inhabitants of the seas and oceans.

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Application No. PCT / UA2017 / 000028 for the invention of “DEVICE FOR SNORKELING”

Today we have received an international search report on application No. PCT / UA2017 / 000028 for the invention of “DEVICE FOR SNORKELING” with priority on application No. 2017 01197 of 09.02.2017 (UA)

According to the report, the claimed invention meets the criteria of patentability (novelty, inventive step, industrial applicability).

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An article on the Medium with a general description of Jet Snorkling

A bike for Snorkeling?

The development of modern technologies has already made it possible to turn this fantasy into reality. It’s just necessary to put together and slightly improve the existing equipment. Water jets are already available, the Company Patriot3 has a product P3M. Although they are cumbersome, have a problem with design of storage batteries and are intended exclusively for divers (it seems dangerous for a beginner to use them without a diving suit), they were successful in operational tests. Compact towers in the shape of a tube, with an adequate choice of storage batteries are also available. (link for more)