Engineering solutions for speed substantially improve the possibility of using high-speed underwater scooters and experience the movement in tow behind the boat, and also make the design futuristic and unique and easily recognizable, as in the best fantasy movies.  The streamlined convex form of our mask makes it possible to reduce water resistance when moving fast on an underwater scooter or in tow behind the boat. As a result, the stress on the neck muscles and back muscles decreases. The time of a comfortable stay in the water increases.

We reduced the tube inclination to increase the available vertical angle of view.

Using our mask, you can look straight ahead while moving at fast*, without putting a strain on your eyes and without the risk of immersing the tube into the water. 

We lengthened the tube to reduce the risk of immersion of the tube under the water during fast movements.

 The lengthened tube also provides the same edge height of the tube above the water as in other masks, even if you look down. Lengthening the tube did not affect the ease/simplicity of breathing.

When using a mask, you can change the height of the joint of the left and right strips at the back of the head changing the level of stitch fastener on the strips.

Changing the height of the fastener changes the length of the strips above and below the fastener, which changes the elasticity of their parts.

A fastener in our mask allows you to put on a mask quickly and easily, even while being in the water, which is important when using high-speed equipment.

Swimmers with long hair or non-standard skull shape before putting on the mask should just set the comfortable height of the fastener on the strip once, and use the mask as comfortably as it is for people with short hair.