We are looking for investors to grow our projects. It’s no secret that it is not enough to develop the product necessary for people. It is also required to produce it in an amount sufficient for a low production cost. And organize sales channels that are comfortable for people. All this requires investments.

Presentations on several variants of project growth are attached below. We will be happy to discuss with potential investors these presentations, and other our projects, products.

Our patents, patent’s applications, PCT:

  • PCT/UA2016/000101 (publication WO2017213617)
  • PCT/UA2017/000028 (awaiting publication)
  • Application 29646665 to USPTO for a patent of design “Universal kit of mono-frame with lenses” (pending)
  • Application 29647252 to USPTO for a patent of design “Universal kit of binocular frame with lenses” (pending)
  • Trademark/Service Mark Application 87915157 (pending)