We achieved a reduction in the level of CO2 consumption by 30-50% as compared to any full-face snorkeling mask. This is achieved thanks to the new type of membranes, which reduce the amount of exhaust air available for inhalation up to two times. Our mask provides access to fresh air faster than in an ordinary tube.

Other safety aspects have also been improved, including quick removal of mask and reduction of inspiratory effort, simple membrane replacement and use by people with poor eyesight

We reduced the reverse of almost half of the volume of exhaust air with CO2 using a new soft membrane.

Now the swimmer will not be breathing in the residual CO2 from the tube and the frame of the mask, where they remain after exhaling. Even using a mask with a typical portable ventilation tube, the swimmer breathes in all air with CO2 left in the tube, and only then arrives the fresh air.

Using our mask, the swimmer breathes in only a SMALL PART of the breathed out air, exclusively from the bottom part of a mask, causing the opening of valves of a nose compartment and inflow of fresh air from the top part.

When fresh air comes from the tube to the mask, the air moves quickly, then slows down, entering the upper part of the mask. 

Fresh air slows down minimally when entering the mask, flowing around the convex glass of the mask towards the membranes of the nose compartment. This allows for not wasting energy for redirection of mechanically dissected/diverted air to the nose compartment.

In our mask, we have increased the cross section area of the air channels throughout their length.

But the most important thing, is that we have enlarged the inlet-outlet port on the tube end. The cross-section area of the air ducts in our mask is at least 30% larger at any place and air opening than in the other masks that are on sale today. So, the larger cross-section area → the less air velocity → the less force is needed to breathe in.  

The capability to easily remove the mask is extremely important in extreme situations. We designed a simple, large, easy-to-flip latch.

Our latch can be unbuckled by simply striking it with an open palm. The ease of removing breathing equipment in water is a significant factor in your safety.  

Our lower valve with a soft membrane for dumping the water from the mask is easy-to-remove and easy-to-replace.

It is more convenient to wash the removed valve, as you wash only a small diameter plastic disc, not the mask.

We designed a new frame with lenses, which can be inserted into full face masks.

What’s unique here is that our frame is the only one that allows you to change the distance of the lenses independently. You can choose the distance from the eyes, which is comfortable and usual for you, as easy as when choosing everyday glasses.  

We’ve increased the volume of the upper part of the mask with fresh air to increase the buoyancy.

Now it is easier having a rest/float on the water for people who are not experienced snorkelers, children, tired or having a rest/float on in the storm.