Barney B Girden patented a mirror periscope built into the mask in 1958. But for 60 years this idea was just an idea.

Only we succeeded in improving upon this idea so that the original idea of Barney B Girden became a real-working and convenient device.  

We placed a removable mirror at the level of the left eyebrow at an angle, guiding the view directly into the air duct of the tube.

The location of the mirror is both comfortable for looking through the mirror and past the mirror. This periscope allows you to watch what happens over while snorkeling. This feature is especially important when swimming in scattered groups or during high-speed swimming on an underwater scooter or in tow behind the boat.


We placed a removable mirror at the top of the tube at an angle, directing the view from the tube to the horizontal plane.


The location of the mirror has no issue with comfortable breathing and does not increase the dimensions of the tube.  

The tube of our mask has a symmetrical fitting to the mask. This allows us to install the tube hind-foremost without changing the optical axis of the periscope.

Rotating the tube 180 degrees changes the view through the periscope from the front view to the rear, as in the car side view mirrors. This feature will be useful for group swimming. The leader sets up a tube to observe his wards using the periscope. The other swimmers can see the leader’s tube using the periscope.  

We made the air ducts in the mask frame as flat as possible, but without any obstruction to throughput the air capacity.

The flat shape of the air ducts allows to shift them beyond the field of view, and to make the frame of the mask streamlined.  

Mounting for the GoPro on full face masks is common. However, our mounting can be installed not only on the tube of our mask but also on the tubes of almost all masks from other manufacturers (when using any sealing between the fastener and the tube).



This is achieved by increasing the cross-sectional area of our tube with the method of installing the GoPro when it is fixed on the tube through the special non-closing clamp.